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Anything I’ve learned that could be considered transformative — that caused me to experience the world differently and changed my behavior — I have learned in relationships with others. Expressed differently, I have never learned anything transformative by sitting alone, isolated and thinking really hard.

To be a CEO can be a lonely job with tremendous responsibilities. I have been there, done that. With my mentors’ support, I thrived.

As a CEO, you want to grow your business, but like everything else, the seed starts from growing your own capacity first. The best place to plant that seed and nurture its growth is with a trusted and experienced coach.

Prior to becoming a leadership coach in 2015, as a CEO I guided an organization to become the preferred provider of behavioral health services in California for Kaiser Permanente.

Before then, a company was in severe financial and operational turmoil, on the brink of bankruptcy. I led a comprehensive reorganization as its new CEO that resulted in a streamlined operational structure and financial health. To this day the company is still thriving after a merger.

Teaching and helping people to learn and grow is at the core of who I am and what I do. It gives me never ending joy. Prior to being a CEO, I was an educator for 10 years. I inspire leaders to trust their own intuitive intelligence to expand awareness about themselves and the world. The joy of teaching is my source of inspiration and fulfillment.